Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kittens and Grad caps

Yesterday, my husband was (as he says) "tea bagged" in Pensacola Bay. I would loved to have been there for it. Heck, I would love to have been helo hoisted out of the bay too. The adventure of being rescue lifted, without the need for actual rescue. I'm nowhere near as brave as my husband, but there are times I would love to be there with him. Don't even get me started on his trip to Japan... *sigh*... someday, Sophie, someday. I want to be stationed in two places during our lives: Japan and Italy. Sure, I love their cultures, but really... I'm in it for the food. I absolutely live through my stomach.

Last night, I was reading in bed. James brought a book too, which is surprising. He's not much of a reader, that one. Anyway, he puts down his book, turns to me, and says, "how about we get a kitten for your birthday?"

I won't lie. I want a cat. I want a dog. I love animals. The problem is, once you get one pet, you can't go without one ever again. Plus there is a $300 deposit at our apartment place for a pet of any kind, and I don't want hair all over everything and especially not in my food. So there are a lot of reasons not too... but I want one anyway.

The Pensacola Humane Society has lots of cats. You can view them online, see pictures and stats. I'm glad everything's available online because it keeps me from physically going down there. If I go down there, I know I will come back with a pet. I'm weak.

If only my garden could talk to me... then I wouldn't need a "real" pet.


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