Monday, March 9, 2009

The Simple Things

This morning, I was logging receipts into our expense book and found out that my husband spent $37 last week on lunches with his friends... when I had already lovingly packed him a lunch each day. It left me a little miffed. He asks me to pack his lunch because a) He doesn't have time b) He likes it when I pack his lunch (probably a sexist macho thing). Plus, we're saving all our extra money for his cousin's visit. Plus, my frugal heart protests deeply at the thought of buying lunch.

We just had a conversation about this too. He said, "I've got to stop buying lunch." I said, "yes, you do." He just feels self-conscious about eating a "packed" lunch. I told him that he is a grown-up now, not a sixth grader. When you're an adult, eating out every single day is not the smart thing to do and his friend who eats out every day is the exception to the rule.

I understand the pressure. All your friends are going to a restaurant for lunch. You, however, do not want to spend the money. What do you do? How about being honest? Our roommate (who moved out a some months ago) is going through flight school too. He's already a stage ahead of my husband. He packed his lunch every single day and ate with his friends, every day, on the beach overlooking the water. How great is that? I would love to be able to eat lunch like that every day.

I try to help my husband appreciate the free, simple pleasures in life, like being able to eat on a beach on a beautiful, sunny day like today or sitting out on the sun porch reading a library book. It can get a little frustrating because I don't think he gets it. There is a learning curve to these things though, so he may still catch on in a big way.


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